1. Board Games Design Workshop


EVERYBODY loves to create games! Be it simple rules changes in Monopoly (think $500 under Free Parking), games design touches the creativity part of the brain.

Our philosophy for games design is simple, give them the right tools, teach them the right skills and watch them …. BLOSSOM! We follow a simple, easy to understand way of getting your students to come out with great Games project!

Tools: By letting students play with various game mechanics of designer games, they learn to experiment with using various tools to come up with innovative games.

Mentor: All our trainers have designed games, been exposed to various game systems and are passionate in bringing the message across to their young charges. Using a combination of small group activities and classroom teaching, we provide the learning journey experience to unleash the creativity in our students.

Development: Not only do the students create their games, they learn to troubleshoot, communicate and teach in their journey. This comes naturally as their interest in games keep their minds active, fresh and motivated. More importantly, the games that these students create do not follow any templates; instead, they are mostly original creations!

For inquiries on our workshop program, email to

2. Game Events


Whether its an Intellectual Sports Day for schools, departmental team bonding session or even Singles get together, board games can be used to bring people to gether to have fun! For the serious corporate team building / bonding session, our Corporate Cahoots! Live trading game will have your staff engage in intensive negotiation, creative marketing and learning how important it is to network together.


In the game, players form into 5 teams where the objective is to grow their own corporations through production of goods and expansion of their production line. Unlike most board games or team games, Corporate Cahoots! requires players to move around and interact through the negotiation of deals, setting up of factories in other countries, and to innovate in order to stay ahead of their rivals!

For inquiries for Event running or a Corporate Cahoots! Session, email to


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