Over the last 15 years, board games have undergone a quiet revolution. No longer relying on luck, these designer games consists of:

  1. Simple Strategy
  2. Easy to Learn
  3. Awesome Interaction
  4. Wonderful Graphics
  5. Great Themes
  6. Award Winning

ABOVE ALL, Absolutely FUN for ALL!!!

These games are Quality Imports from Europe and USA, not the cheap clones of old games. Unfortunately, these games are also not commonly available at major departmental stores.

White Paladin Studios run canteen sales by having your child play the games FIRST, so they can understand the rules, and make an informed decision of the game that they like! If you would like us to run a canteen sale at your school, please drop us an email at and we will do our best to come by! Furthermore, all students in your school will get an automatic 10% off our retail price!

Our terms and conditions for sale:

  1. Delivery Charges – We charge $20 for delivery direct to home. $5 for delivery to pikup at MRT stations. No charges if picked up from our delivery points: Battle Bunker Level 5, Funan Centre (Wednesday 7-8pm), or Games Haven Paya Lebar (Monday 7-8pm), or for orders above $200.
  2. Payment – Payment is to be made by CASH. Terms will be Cash on Delivery.
  3. Ordering – Please drop an email to with your order title, Quantity, preferred delivery option and contact number. We will revert to you by latest 3 days from receiving your email. We try our best to keep the games in stock, and if you do not see any games on the list and you wish to check out the pricing, please feel free to drop an enquiry.
  4. Thank you and we look forward to your business!

Do note that we try to maintain the prices as much as we can, as well as stocks, but they may change from time to time due to circumstances out of our control.

DGE Programs for Schools/Institutes

Games in Stock


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