White Paladin Studios firmly believe that we have many creative talents right here in the RED DOT. Currently we have 2 full time games designers here, who share the passion for coming out with fun designs. Our principle here is that we do not plagiarise works, instead either coming out with our own mechanics or mix and match mechanics to come out with working game titles.

From time to time, we will update this page with resources, spotlights on games or anything we feel will help people in the games design industry.

For now, The spotlight falls on both Games Maestro Colin Lim and Games Padawan Matthew Ong!

Colin’s Bio

Colin has been involved in the gaming industry since he was 15 years old. As a gamemaster or storyteller for the Dungeons & Dragons board game, he took to designing his own role playing game systems for leisure and played it among his friends. He has also been involved in collectible card games organized tournaments since 1997 and is familiar with the tournament environment.

Since he finished his stint as a Regular in the Singapore Air Force in 1999, Colin has been involved in the games industry by helping to establish one of the leading games hobby shop in Singapore and is one of the founders of the Settler’s Café, Singapore’s First and Original Board Games Café, which started off in 2003. Colin’s role in Settler’s Café is the development of operations, the creative programs and events as well as the overall running of the chain. He has since sold the business, and entered into the distribution and retail channel of the board games industry in Singapore by working with Paradigm Infinitum Pte Ltd.

Colin is now designing games under White Paladin Studios, for both the specialist niche market as well as the general market. With strong bonds with the other local games designers, his vision is to see the board games and card games industry in Singapore take off in a big way, with particular attention to games with an Asian origin designed by Asians. He currently has 29 game concepts and ideas, of which 3 are under consideration by international games publishers, at least two are currently being placed on game testing prior to development. He has 2 published games with the Singapore Police Force.

He is also working to bring the use of board games into the educational sector, both by designing games and running games design workshops. His passion is to see teachers who are able to come up with creative games design suitable to engage students in the learning process, following the government’s call for teach less and learn more

Matthew’s Bio

Like Colin, Matthew started being involved in the games industry at the age of 15. Since then, as a designer board games enthusiast, he has hosted many board games sessions for organisations such as Ngee Ann Board Games Club, Settler’s Cafe, NTU FastForward, and Social Development Network.

 With the vast knowledge of designer board games and its’ systems, Matthew has been (and is still) partnering with Colin to do retail and facilitate in games design workshops in schools.
On his own, Matthew designs his own games as well since his participation in My PAssion Family Game Design 2012. He is currently working on an original abstract game and was recently jamming at the Global Games Jam 2013 where he came up with his first Flash Game together with Ryan Yu Jun An. You can check it out over here:

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