WHITE PALADIN STUDIOS is a passionate company that is all about Analog games. Analog games covers a broad range of games, from board and card games, to tile based games, dice games and most games that do not involve any electronic or electrical inputs. So tis all about Monopoly or Uno? Not really, these classical games are just the tip of the iceberg. We have personally played and owned over 500 different games!

These games are known as Designer Games, where, like books, credit for the games design goes to the authors and not the publishers. While a growing interest in Singapore, these games are very common in Europe, hence the other name as Euro Games/

But what is the difference between Designer Games and Classic Games?

The main difference between Classic and Euro games is that most classic games rely on rolling a dice and moving along, following instructions on the board. Snakes and Ladders, Ludo are good examples. In most Euro games, there are almost no dice involved, and multiple paths to victory, depending on the choices the player makes. At the same time, most of these games get players to interact This means that these games develop thinking skills, social skills and many decision making skills. Plus these games are….. FUN!

Our Programs

Games Design. – For clients who want games developed for their needs, we carefully analyse what type of games are suitable for their target audience, and work closely to ensure it meets or exceeds client’s requirements,

20120302_142654Games Design Workshop

At the same time, we have worked over the years to develop a comprehensive games design workshop program, that over the course of 4 sessions, students should be equipped and able to design their games using the games mechanics approach with whatever theme the school sees fit to guide them in. This approach that we use allows creativity, as opposed to ‘cloning’ of games and that the students feel satisfied to come out with their own designs!


For the past year, we have been using games as a tool to help singles socialise. Working with SDN, we ran bi-monthly game sessions. The lack of pressure to force conversation, and the fun environment created by our facilitators helps singles to know each other in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. At the same time, our Corporate Cahoots game has been used by MNCs, institutions and various groups for team bonding. Give us a proposal, and we will see how best we can help!

Why Analog Games?

The advancement of technology has brought about a much more introspective lifestyle especially among our children, youths and young adults. We believe that this is unhealthy, and immersion in ‘screen staring’ and less of human contact makes our youngsters less able socialise. This is why we believe in the need to play analog games, be it intellectual mind games or physical based games. We believe that the games you invest in your child will sharpen their soft skills, and will lead to an AWESOME family bonding time together!


For any enquiries, please email to paladinwh@gmail.com We will be most happy to hear from you!


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